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Write a 300-word response with 2 references


One current issue within Criminal Justice that I feel has become more and more important is improving the morale among police officers. I think that the current climate within the policing world is very dark and negative, and I would like to know more ways to channel positivity and increase in morale among officers.

According to Johnson (2015), there are many ways to assist in boosting morale among police officers. First, police leaders should make it a purpose to praise police officers in front of the public they serve. She also states that leaders should use a keener eye and look for the good that police officers do and not only the bad. And be intentional about this. Leaders should stop micromanaging police officers and allow them to complete their jobs without a heavy hand upon them, unless needed. Increase the relationship and understanding of the officers and their families by knowing them and their home-life. Attempt to keep conflicts manageable and relevant. Have a sensing session where leaders ask about how to improve moral and be upfront about it. Make celebrations a big deal with small gestures such as cards or other tangible items. And probably most importantly, keep communication as a priority.

I think another current issue that is important within the world of Criminal Justice is bail reform. Over the years there has been many changes with bail reform where it has become easier to be released from jail and one of the biggest reasons has been the thought of disproportioned numbers of poorer people who cannot afford bail and have to stay in jail (Koepke & Robinson, 2018). However, we have seen recently where dangerous persons have been let go on either none or extremely small bonds and have committed heinous acts. Bail reform may need to be re-vamped again in today’s time.

I also think another Criminal Justice issue that needs some discussion is police suicide. I think we could all agree that policing is extremely stressful and takes on a heavy toll. I think more needs to be looked into why police are committing suicide and what programs and education would actually be helpful and beneficial for police officers. According to Violanti (1995), suicides rates continued to climb decade after decade and I think we can all agree that it is an honest problem to be looked at.

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