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Watch a short meeting on video

Analyze and recommend changes to the Meeting Minutes document (link to document) with Track Changes in Word. Make comments in the margin that explain why you would make each change. Assume that the meeting ended at 12:30 pm. Use the rubric and the section on Meeting Minutes from this week’s material for guidance. Please used attach document to make comments on in regard to the meeting. Please follow the rubric that is attached.


6-2 Homework-Informal Report Analysis Grading Rubric 40 Possible Points

Required elements Potential earned points Required element parts

Format 0-5 points • Corrects for appropriate structure and

Mechanics 0-10 points • Corrects for:

• grammar and usage

• spelling

• proper noun usage for clarity

• sparing use of pronouns

• redundancy

• varied sentence structure

Content 0-15 points • Corrects for:

• Clarity of purpose of report

• Clear presentation of the problem

• Provides sufficient support/reasoning for

• Recommendation for solution is clear and

Tone 0-10 points • Appropriate and consistent

• Appropriate level of formality for audience

• Readable style

Points may be deducted for lateness. Late assignments may not be accepted after grades are returned.

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