Chat with us, powered by LiveChat My topic is on the Iraq War and weapons of mass destruction.The war started on March 20, 2003. It’s | Max paper

 My topic is on the Iraq War and weapons of mass destruction.The war started on March 20, 2003. It’s a case study.

I have information written down that I would like for you to incorporate. I think it would be helpful as well. 

follow the attached outline 

Great and I would like to put strong emphasis on making sure the sources are credible. The professor is extremely strict when it comes to that.

Outline for Case Study Paper:

Table of contents

 I.   Setting

Concise historical background that includes all the necessary elements leading to the development and execution of the event. For example, both Germany and Japan spent many years preparing for their surprise assaults. Included in the military and materials build-up were political/policy issues. All these events were germane to the attacks.

 II.   Antecedent Intelligence Environment

What was known? What warning was available? What intelligence
mechanisms existed to collect, perform analyses, and report threats?

 III. Antecedent Policy Positions

Discuss known political position(s) and response(s) to perceived or
known threats
. Include actions taken to pre-empt, deter, or interdict
the event(s).

· More of policies or actions that have been done to address your issue. That could involved a person(s) that led an effort, but more focus on what was attempted previously to improve or prevent an problem.

 IV. The Event

Full description of the event, scope, planning, execution, and results.

V.  Intelligence Failures and Successes Related to the Event

A focus on known failures 

Known successes that had a direct impact on the event.

 VI.   Conclusions (the first five sections of the paper report history – this section requires you to use your
analytical skills; defend your conclusions)

Use the course text materials (other resources can be included) to analyze the case.

 Synthesize the various author’s viewpoints, models, methods, and recommendations that could have been applied to the case with a specific focus on threat reduction and the successful prediction/prevention of the event. (demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of the materials)

Discuss the potential of (pick one!) either the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism and Prevention Act of 2004, the NCISP, or the National Strategy for Information Sharing to prevent, reduce, or interdict the event discussed in your case. (demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of these laws/policies and your ability to synthesize them into analysis and recommendations). Alternatively, you may argue that none of these laws/policies would have helped – but be specific in your arguments (i.e., relate your arguments to specific parts of the law/policy).

 Case study guidelines:

· Follow APA style requirements.

· Target length of this Case Study should be 15 pages. 

· Be specific! Be concise! Be accurate!

· Make certain that you avoid any hint of plagiarism. .

· Use short and concise paragraphs. Avoid long paragraphs without a beginning thematic sentence.  

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