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(Systematic Discrimination)


Read Instructions Carefully

This is a discussion fourm that is mandatory part of this course.  The idea is to create collaboration amongst your cohort and stimulate intellectual conversations.  The instructions are as follows.

1. You are to make three (3) post each week.

2. Your initial post (first post) is due Tuesday of each week.

3. Your initial post MUST be at least 250 words and cited scholarly references

4. You must respond at least two (2) times in a week to your colleagues post.  Your follow-up (Second & Third) must be at least (150 words and contain at least two scholarly references that are different from your initial (250 word) post.

5.  All of your post CANNOT all be on the same day.  Thus, you must post on at least (3) seperate days in a week. 

Discussion Question

Is there systematic discrimination in the criminal justice system or not? You have read brief statements on two sides of the issue. Which ones did you find most interesting?  In answering this question take into consideration recent actions of President Trump to pardon his friends that were found guilty of breaking the law.



 I do think that there is systematic discrimination in the criminal justice system. Systemic discrimination can be explained as forms of behavior, policies or practices that are part of the constructions of an organization, and which establish or achieve disadvantage for racialized persons. I think that because at some point you can’t tell me that someone does look at race of another person and stereotype what that person is going to do. In other words, they are prejudice against the other group or person. People can be subjected to systemic discrimination in different ways created on the crossing of many reasons of discrimination, such as gender, disability, place of origin, and so on. The definition of systemic discrimination includes the following three elements “patterns of behavior, policies or practices”, “part of the social or administrative structures of an organization”, and “position of relative disadvantage created for persons identified by the Code. With president trump on the subject to pardon his friends had all things that were in common. They were rich people that broke the law in some way, but they still got of easy because they had power or leverage above someone. “ (Links to an external site.)

Week 1 Research Paper (Immigration & Crime)

1. 2 Page Research Paper

2. APA Format Required

3. Minimum (4) References (In text citations required) 

What are the most recent developments in the debate over immigration and crime? Search the Web and see if there is any new important evidence.

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