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Directions on PPT Presentation/voice narration/speakers notes

In addition to a 


) on recording narration for PowerPoint presentations, here are directions on how to do so. Please make sure you use the same settings as those pictured below. You will be recording the audio of your presentation for playback in class and on the web. Please use a good microphone, and run a test file (and listen to it) to make sure everything is working properly. We need to be able to hear you speak clearly during the presentation.

Step 1: Once you have opened Powerpoint and you are ready to record your presentation, go to Slide Show on the menu. Scroll to Record Narration and select it.

Step 2: Narration recording settings. The images below will help guide you through the settings. To edit the settings, select Change Quality. Set the recording to Telephone Quality, 10Kbps, 11.025 kHz, 8 bit mono – Do not use any other settings. (For PowerPoint 2004 for Apple OS X, there isn’t an option for changing sound quality)

Next select Link Narrations in: (and select a location by browsing). You should link to the same folder that houses your Powerpoint file. A WAV file for each slide will be created in this directory.

Do NOT select OK until you have set the Microphone level (step 3)

Step 3: Microphone Check. From within the Record Narration menu, select Set Microphone Level. The microphone check will adjust the audio level as you read the text included in the box.

Step 4: Starting the recording. Once you have checked the narration recording settings, you are ready to begin recording. Select OK, and the dialog box below will appear. Make sure you select First Slide to have PowerPoint record the narration from start to finish. Once you select this, the first slide will appear, and your system will be recording. Give your presentation as you normally would, the recorder will keep track of the slide changes. Please note: your narration will not be recorded across slide transitions – only between them; in other words, your narration for each slide will need to be recorded while that particular slide is displayed.

Once you have finished your presentation, re-save your PowerPoint file in the same location as the .wav files. Deposit the PowerPoint file and .wav files into one zip file. The files will be large, so it will take a while to transfer them once they are zipped.

MSN 53l Nursing Ethics Interview and PPT Presentation Assignment and Instructor evaluation form (Individual Assignment)


1. Interview one nurse about his/her ethical/moral experiences in advanced practice. Interview a person in the role you are seeking (nurse educator, administrator, FNP, or CNS)

2. Use the instructor model consent form submit both the consent form and the PPT in the same link. The PPT should be prepared using voice narration and speakers notes. In your small groups create a link to share your PPT’s 3 weeks prior to the due date – see the schedule for the due date of the final PPT. The PPT should be created with bullet points, the speakers notes explain the bullet points but are created “off” or below the slides.

3. Make any corrections after your peer feedback, once completed submit your PPT/ with the consent form.

4. Ask the nurse to respond to the following statement:

“In detail, describe an ethical/moral situation you have experienced in your practice”

5. Remember to eliminate any names in your PPT presentation

6. Respond to the “content” section below – use this section as your headings – this is required

7. Speakers notes: required

Student Name:

Possible Points: 15

Chosen Role Option:

Note: The PPT should be developed with each of the points listed below under the “Content” section. No definitions of terms are needed on your slides for the theory or the principles- what you should display is the application of the theory and principles to your ethical issue – provide examples. Prepare your brief synopsis of the “ethical issue is…” References – your list of references should all be used as evidence to support your points on your slides. There should not be any references listed on your reference list that are not used to provide evidence to the points you are making in your presentation.








-Organization, structure, relevance and

logical flow of material presented


-Parsimony (slide limit, (8-10 slides concise, succinct) (not counting the title slide and reference slide)


-Verbal/volume and pace

(professional; pitch, tone, and volume vary)



Provide a brief synopsis of ethical situation shared by advanced practice nurse interviewed in the advanced role you are seeking-clearly state the ethical issue Note this should be a different ethical situation other than the Ethical Decision Making Paper assignment


which moral principles were used? Identify at least 3 ethical principles


what ethical theory forms the basis for the nurse’s description? Apply the ethical theory with evidence from your interview.


which ethical perspective (care vs. justice) was taken


what are the implications for advanced nursing practice.


present alternate approaches that could be used to address the situation.


APA Format (6th edition)

-Citations (on slides) and references to support statements; APA format, grammar/writing; uses headings as presented in the “content” section- uses speakers notes




Points awarded:

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