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Unit Assignment Questions

Unit Assignment 1

Based on Unit 1

Total Marks 50

Identify the Place Value of a Digit In the following exercises, find the place value of the given digits.

1. 579,601 2.5 marks (each .5 marks)
(a) 9
(b) 6
(c) 0
(d) 7
(e) 5

2. 56,804,379 2.5 marks (each .5 marks)
(a) 8
(b) 6
(c) 4
(d) 7
(e) 0

3. The difference of 1000 and 945 1 mark

Use Place Value to Name Whole Numbers In the following exercises (4th,5th 6th questions), name each number in words.

4. One year is 525,600 minutes. 2 Marks

5. 25. The U.S. Census estimate of the population of Miami-Dade county was 2,617,176. 2 Marks

6. Marissa’s kitchen remodeling cost $18,549. She wrote a check to the contractor. Write the amount paid in words. 2 Marks

7. Marissa’s kitchen remodeling cost $18,549. Round the cost to the nearest…2 Marks(.5 each)

(a) ten dollars
(b) hundred dollars
(c) thousand dollars
(d) ten-thousand dollars

8. Sophia remodeled her kitchen and bought a new range, microwave, and dishwasher. The range cost $1,100, the microwave cost $250, and the dishwasher cost $525. What was the total cost of these 3 appliances? 2 Marks

9. The high temperature on June 2 in Las Vegas was 80 degrees and the low temperature was 63 degrees. What was the difference between the high and low temperatures? 2 Marks

10. Tim brought 9 six-packs of soda to a club party. How many cans of soda did Tim bring?

2 Marks

11. Kathryn bought 8 flats of impatiens for her flower bed. Each flat has 24 flowers. How many flowers did Kathryn buy? 2 Marks

12. Javier owns 300 shares of stock in one company. On Tuesday, the stock price rose $12 per share. How much money did Javier’s portfolio gain? 2 Marks

13. Ric bought 64 ounces of trail mix. He wants to divide it into small bags, with 2 ounces of trail mix in each bag. How many bags can Ric fill? 2 Marks

14. One roll of plastic wrap contains 48 feet of plastic wrap. Marta uses 3 feet of plastic wrap to wrap each cake she bakes. How many cakes can she wrap from one roll? 2 Marks

15. One package of dental floss contains 54 feet of dental floss. Brian uses 2 feet of dental floss every day. How many days will one package of dental floss last Brian? 2 Marks

16. The 45 students in a Geology class will go on a field trip, using the college’s vans. Each van can hold 9 students. How many vans will they need for the field trip? 2 Marks

17. Last night Emily read 6 pages in her Business textbook, 26 pages in her History text, 15 pages in her Psychology text, and 9 pages in her math text. What is the total number of pages Emily read? 2 Marks

18. LaVonne treats 12 patients each day in her dental office. Last week she worked 4 days. How many patients did she treat last week? 2 Marks

19. There are 14 boys in Dave’s scout troupe. At summer camp, each boy earned 5 merit badges. What was the total number of merit badges earned by Dave’s scout troupe at summer camp? 2 Marks

20. Lynn wants to go on a cruise that costs $2485. She has $948 in her vacation savings account. How much more does she need to save in order to pay for the cruise? 2 Marks

21. Jeneice bought 8 packs of marigolds to plant in her yard. Each pack has 6 flowers. How many marigolds did Jeneice buy? 2 Marks

22. There are twelve theaters at the multiplex and each theater has 150 seats. What is the total number of seats at the multiplex? 2 Marks

23. The quotient of 572 and 52 2 Marks

24. One carton of fruit juice is 128 ounces. How many 4-ounce cups can Shayla fill from one carton of juice? 2 Marks

25. Last month, Stan’s take-home pay was $3816, and his expenses were $3472. How much of his take-home pay did Stan have left after he paid his expenses? 2 Marks

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