Chat with us, powered by LiveChat I need all the help I can get I am already behind in this class. NOTE: been working on DTV compan | Max paper


I need all the help I can get I am already behind in this class. 

NOTE: been working on DTV company. Assignment 5.1 —How Leaders Create Customer Learning Relationships.


In this assignment, you will assume the role of a CCO in your company who is proposing new learning relationships with customers. You will discuss ideas about how to start learning relationships and to get the buy-in from other leaders in the company.


  1. Imagine that you occupy the position of CCO in your company. Identify a customer with whom your company could develop a learning relationship. Thinking of your company as a system of departments and yourself as a leader in the company, propose ways that various departments can work together to contribute to a single learning relationship with a customer. Don’t forget social media outlets as possible methods for your consideration.

Learning relationship is the relation with customer that gets better with every interaction. This kind of relationship works as a central engine of the direct enterprise strategy. The best customers that DTV can develop a learning relationship with are the households in United States and the Latin America. The best way that a company like DTV can develop and maintain learning relationship is through ensuring that the customer gets the best quality. Each department in the organization needs to be on toes always so as to deliver the best to the viewers. The key to successful customer relationship is by; showing respect to the customer, delivering what the customer wants to hear even it is not good for the presenter. Customers are always rights as it is said in the business language. For good customer relationship, it should be made a win-win relationship. There are strategies that if implemented well by DTV they will lead to the development of good learning relationship with the customers. Collaboration and coordination between all the department is one of the strategies. If all the departments are well coordinated with each other, then the cases of a transmission error will be minimal if any. If the errors in transmission are less then a good learning relationship is established with the customers. The information technology department can come up with a website which will act as center where in collaboration with the secretariat department, the feedbacks of the customers can be assimilated and suggestion made based on them. Active listening is very important in addressing the needs of any customer thus the company through its various departments such as the secretariat should be able to establish open communication system with the customers. Social media is a recent technological revolution that if well utilized can be very effective in establishing a learning relationship with customers. The customers can ask for what they need and make suggestion on how to improve the company through the social media like Facebook and twitter.

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