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Principles of Process Analysis and Design – BUSA 415

Assignment #14


· Please upload your MS-Word document to Blackboard.

· When submitting the assignment document please save the document using the following format (last first name BUSA 415 A14 Fall 2021). For example, if I was submitting the assignment then the document should be saved as Kumar Anil BUSA 415 A14 Fall 2021.

· This assignment is due on December 5, 2021 by 11:59 p.m.


· The assignment should be well organized, logical, and clear.

· This is a professional document, and you need to make sure you have checked your document for spellings and grammar before submitting it.

· You need to answer all the questions.

· Make sure you read the questions carefully before answering them.

· Focus on providing insights and answering in your own words.

Plagiarism declaration:

1. I know that plagiarism is wrong and will result in an automatic fail. Plagiarism is to use another’s work and pretend that it is one’s own.

2. I did not copy anyone’s work and did not share our document with any other group.

3. I am aware of the university academic integrity policy. (

Your Name:

Think about the system TAMUC currently uses for career services and assume that the university has recruited you to develop a mobile app for students to access the career services system. The goal of the proposed mobile app is to create a system which facilitates the process of applying for internships and jobs using mobile devices.

The Chapter describe the design phase with the architecture component which describes the system’s hardware, software, and network environment.

How will you decide on the technology architecture for this mobile app? Identify and describe five steps that you will take to make this decision.  

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