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 Part 1 Only 150 words

Some parents feel threatened by school since they have differing cultural backgrounds, limited literacy ability, or speak another language. What would you do as a teacher to make these parents more comfortable so that they would be willing and able to help their children with their literacy development?


Part 2

Family Literacy Assignment  Please look at the attachment for the example !!!!

For this assignment, you will develop an original activity for your students to take home and work on with their families.

The assignment should be formatted as if you were actually sending it home with your students. So, feel free to use different fonts, make it colorful, and use images. Just be sure that it is readable.

Your Family Literacy Assignment should clearly state the 1-2 literacy skill(s) that you are focusing on. You must include clear instructions for your families & students so they understand what is being asked of them. Be sure to consider the diversity that may exist in your classroom. For example, what if everyone is not able to gather supplies or print something at home? Including a sample of what you are expecting (a diagram or picture) is expected, if you are asking your students to create a project. Also, consider an opportunity to have your families join you in the classroom if/when students share their assignments.

Feel free to utilize the texts and activities you are already planning to use for your final lesson plan assignment. You will upload this assignment as a WORD or PDF document in both Canvas and in Folio. Because this assignment will be placed in your portfolio, you will need to indicate the course name and number on the first page of the assignment (EDU203-Language, Literacy, and Phonics). As with all written communication, be mindful of grammar and mechanics.

Family Literacy Assignment


Family Literacy Assignment


Family Literacy Assignment

Family Literacy Assignment

Hi parents, and welcome to a new week. This week’s literacy goal is to retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson. (2020)

This week we are reading a fun picture book called Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses by Kimberly Dean and James Dean. In this story Pete the Cat has woken up grumpy today! Nothing seems to be going his way. But some groovy magic sunglasses can help. Pete the Cat has woken up feeling blue – and he just does not know what to do! But when Pete is given some groovy, magic sunglasses, he finds out that just maybe, feeling blue is not something you have to do.

Talk about the book with your child:

Please ask your child to tell you what they remember about the book. As questions to help your child remember key details listed above. The more we ask the more your child will remember. By the end of the week your child should be able to identify the theme of the story. The theme is this book include, being positive and exploring other possibilities to turn that frown upside down and using one’s imagination. The literacy assignment is on the next page, with instructions. This assignment was given Monday and is due Friday.

Pete The Cat Spelling/Vocabulary

We are taking some of the key vocabulary words from our story and making them into a story. Here are the vocabulary words listed below.





My______________ likes to purr when I pet him on his head. I wonder if it makes him feel so___________. I know I am happy when he purrs, and we get to sit outside together and look up at the big ___________ sky. Sometimes when I look up at the clouds, I see the shape of a ________ or even a turtle, what shapes do you see?

Let’s make magic sunglasses!!!

Pretend you are Pete the cat and let us make some groovy magical sunglasses. How would you decorate your glasses? Below is you can cut out your frames and feel free to color or add anything to make them feel magical. At the end of the week, I will take a photo with parent permission of your child wearing his or her magical sunglasses. We will then put all photos on our poster board outside the classroom with a printed copy of our book to show other students our connection to the book. Have fun with this assignment and parents feel free to join in too! Also, we will be adding a short-written activity, pretending that they are a cat like Pete and talking about their groovy glasses.

Hello, my name is __________ and I am a cat. I am ______ years old. These are my magic sunglasses like Pete the cat. When I wear these sunglasses, I feel like I can _____________________________.

Once you cut out and decorate the glasses, please Attach the clips to the glasses that have been attached with this assignment. That way the kids can wear their classes.


Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.

James, Kimberly Dean. (2013) Pete The Cat and His Magic Sunglasses.

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