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Lesson 11 Discussion.

How do public policy shifts that address the civil rights of minority groups advance social equality? Is this different than social equity?

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CrashCourse. (2016, February 27). Social Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #49 [Video]. YouTube.



There are a variety of social issues that social workers address on an individual basis every day. In the last unit, you addressed a “private problem” that could indicate a potential structural issue in the United States. Our next step is to focus on solving that issue.

Use what you’ve read about to further solve the issue you last addressed in your Unit 5.

What public policy would you create to solve that issue? Which framework would you use to address it? How would ensure that the policy is culturally competent?

Are there people who suffer from that issue that may not have their problem solved by that public policy? How would you help those people?

Is there an existing agency that helps this group of people? How could you integrate that group into your solution? (Note: please include a link for the agency you chose in APA format on a reference list at the end of it).

Your response should be a minimum of two pages, but no more than four pages (unless you have instructor approval).

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Feminism: An Example of a Private Trouble

Jonai Tellison

Eastern Gateway Community College

SOC203- Race & Minority Groups

November 22, 2021.

Feminism: A Private Trouble

In the structural issues of American society, one of the private troubles is feminism, where gender inequality is practiced since the gender difference between men and women gives men more privileges than women and transgender individuals. This factor is seen as a problem since we can see bias and discrimination of different gender because they are treated unfairly and not given any privileges in their lives (Lumen, 2021). Transgender people are also discriminated against because of changing their sex. This is mainly brought by the United States system of American culture and society, which contributes to the rising oppression. These practices cause a lot of suffering to individuals’ feelings, way of life, and social interactions since they will be experiencing abuse based on their identities (NMOAAH&C, 2021). We can see that the social norms have made almost every woman dependent on men for their economic support, which dominates women that are under men and their values are low. These practices are mainly brought about by the systematic policies that were put by the government.

In order to overcome this problem, some demonstrations have been made by some groups that used to help black women and other white women have the right to be working-class women and discrimination that affects sexism (Lumenlearning, 2021). If every person acknowledges that human rights also apply to women’s rights and women’s rights apply to human rights. And these rights are reciprocity in favor of every gender and race, then the problem of women and transgender being picked on will end. Society should create a policy that allows equality among women by introducing opportunities that give women the ability to have higher leadership positions and pay as men. The government of American should put the same right they have implicated to the people having segregation to houses and other incomes to every person be it black, Hispanic, and white people. The process of confronting this issue requires that individuals change their attitudes towards each other to allow equality and acceptance.

The structural issue of feminism uses the theoretical perspective of conflict theory since it shows the various social problems that arise from the inheriting of inequality. As we can see, feminism emphasizes how society is filled with practices of gender inequality because it demonstrates that in social, political, and economic life, women are the subordinate sex in every point of view (Lumenlearning, 2021). Inequality in a place contributes to social problems since you might find that a company considers hiring the male gender that the women or they cannot employ a transgender person, which leads to conflicts. This means that conflict theory is the most suitable. After all, it demonstrates the oppression system, helps identify the inequality, and helps in social identity because everyone is able (NMOAAH&C, 2021). This conflict theory makes it possible for the social problem to have a solution that includes far-reaching changes that, if applied it will change the structure of society. If it changes, then the view of women depending on men to provide the essential thing will change, and there will be independent women, and another perspective of social view will come.


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