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This chapter is about Disney’s classic marketing and listing of Star Wars IP. No one would deny that “Star Wars” is an “IP treasure”. It has been 40 years since the first Star Wars movie was released. To this day, this series is still advancing with the times; at the same time, it is constantly tracing its own Source, continuing to “dig treasure” in the early characters. As the initial “engine”, how was the first “Star Wars” created? Can Hollywood replicate its myth? After reading the content of this chapter, I have my own judgment. Since selling Lucasfilm to Disney, George Lucas has never shied away from his refusal to participate in the creation of the new “Star Wars” film. To sum it up in one sentence, it is too hard, too brain-consuming, and too much pressure from public opinion. George Lucas is not a weak man, he is just a smart man. He used his own power to develop the creative ideas that he got occasionally into a grand IP that affects generations of people. We only need to look at the original draft of the “Star Wars” movie to know what Lucas paid for. From the creation process of “Star Wars”, we can see how George Lucas integrates Eastern philosophy with classical mythology and future science fiction; it also witnessed the birth of a great product, and what kind of hard work it takes to polish. In terms of Star Wars, “Star Wars 7” has become the pinnacle of the series, especially the US$900 million+ performance in North America, which is afraid that it will be an insurmountable mountain for a long time. And “Star Wars 8”, “Star Wars 9” and “Rogue One” have achieved 1 billion+ level in the world, and they are worthy of being the number one IP in the United States. The acquisition of Lucasfilm is obviously for one purpose-to win the US national IP “Star Wars.” After the marriage of the two, it really made a major market breakthrough, the first work “Star Wars 7” is a record-breaking existence. Although the just-released “Star Wars 9” encountered double Waterloo in word-of-mouth and box office, with its solid foundation, it still exceeded $1 billion.

This week, we move to Chapter 11. At the beginning of this chapter, I was so sad to see the news of Steve’s death. In my heart, he is a very great genius. I learned more about him through this book, and it made me admire him even more. But since the beginning of this chapter, we will lose him forever. I am just a reader, and I will feel so sad. I think Iger must be sadder than I am because he and Steve have become so good friends after all these hardships. Without Steve, I think what Iger would encounter is more difficult than what I see now. I believe that the loss of a good friend and good partner will deal a great blow to Iger. Compared with working with Steve, the cooperation with the head of Lucasfilm is much smoother. Iger is very clear about the value of Lucasfilm. He has enough psychological expectations, so he will be more directional when talking about business. He also knew that Lucasfilm was founded by George. Even if George knew the purchase price very rationally, it would inevitably be uncomfortable in his heart. During this period, it is important to carefully maintain balance. I think that under the leadership of Iger, Disney’s acquisition plan has been very successful. It neither harmed their own interests nor prevented George from being offended. But because Iger and George have made a lot of efforts for Star Wars, such as finding a qualified producer, planning, and publicity in advance. The response after the release of Star Wars was very good, which also gave back to their efforts.

The concept of contemporary breakfast originated from the birth of cereal cereals. Before its invention, people had not yet formed a complete concept of breakfast. The phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” comes from the marketing strategy of a cereal company. Cereal breakfast is a reprocessed and usable breakfast food. Cereal breakfast is a reprocessed and usable breakfast food. Because oatmeal, as a kind of convenience food, is simpler and lighter than meat, potatoes, and butter, and does not require cooking, it greatly reduces the time and energy in the kitchen. Due to the continuous advertising campaign, cereal cereals have been successfully packaged as a “healthy food.” Oatmeal manufacturers even claim that it can cure all diseases such as malaria and appendicitis. Today, cereal boxes still claim that they are “a good source of vitamin D.” Most of the products or advertisements promoted based on the concept of health will sell well. However, nutritionists are not so sure about the value of this recommendation today. Researchers say that those studies that support breakfast to keep in shape are inconsistent with more in-depth tests, and there is no evidence that breakfast (itself) can help school-age children concentrate on their studies. So I think they will not be a long-term strategy through false marketing of cereal breakfast, and the exaggerated nutritional value of cereal breakfast will sooner or later prove to be untrue. Therefore, the future marketing of cereal breakfast will not maintain this good status quo unless the cereal breakfast is changed to the product marketing positioning.



When people think of cereal breakfast, most people should think of it as not only as rich in carbohydrates, rich in vitamins and minerals but also less fat. At the same time, cereal breakfast is affordable and affordable for people. Cereal is a very simple way to make this food, and it is very time-saving. Cereal breakfast has been around for a long time, and they were already on the market when TV was still black and white. I think the management of the grain company is very shrewd and avant-garde, and when people don’t know a product, they often let it appear in front of their eyes so that people can make an impression of it. In the last century, many TV dramas have been family-related sitcoms. Cereal companies have taken this very well, and their products are suitable for everyday life. So when a TV character picks up cereal or cooks it, the audience doesn’t think it’s sudden. It’s a very appropriate and clever way to advertise. Furthermore, they’re trying to promote their products more, and I think they’ve come up with a good goal, which is to create a style. When cereal becomes a mainstream style for breakfast, people think and buy it involuntarily. When there is demand, cereal companies can fill the market with a large supply. In my own experience, I often go shopping for cereal when I go to the supermarket. Because it is convenient and cheap enough, it has penetrated deep into our life. I think the future of breakfast cereal is still bright, but in a market that is growing so fast, it’s important to maintain good enough quality to stay out of the competition.


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