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200 word response 2 references


The United States has always been a nation with a diverse population of people.  As a consequence, students in the United States come from a wide range of backgrounds, languages, viewpoints, and cultures.  Because education and culture are intertwined, both individuals and the school system should appreciate the opportunity to learn from one another.  In order to promote multiculturalism in education, educators might employ a variety of strategies.  They have the ability to create learning settings that are beneficial to students from a variety of backgrounds.  Despite the fact that teaching often depends on the contents of certain curriculum, instructors may include multicultural education into each aspect of their instruction, from projects assigned to lessons taught.  KC Coburn (2014) states that “the significance of multicultural education is that it gives individuals the opportunity to examine their own social and cultural biases, break down those biases, and change their perspective within their own setting” (para. 2).  When a teacher is willing to integrate diverse points of view and philosophical perspectives in the coursework, the students may learn about the location and the view of the world at the same time, giving them a more comprehensive perspective of the situation in terms that are understandable to them on a local level (Coburn, 2014).  I feel the education system has responded well with the surge of multiculturalism in the classroom due to the multiple benefits.  The Canadian International School (2018) states that multicultural classrooms provides these types of benefits:

· Exposes students to different cultures

· Fosters acceptance and tolerance in a learning environment

· Teaches multiple perspectives

· Encourages critical thinking

· Helps build an international network

The one issue that I have noticed within the schools my children have attended is the diversity of the teaching staff.  The desire to promote multiculturalism is certainly there, but the need for more diversity throughout the administration and staff still leaves much to desire.

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