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11/18/21, 12:56 PM Topic: “Save Ralph” Analysis and Peer Review 1/2

This is a graded discussion: 50 points possible
due Nov 19

“Save Ralph” Analysis and Peer Review

First, watch this short film about animal testing.

You should focus on the following:

Analyze the film for pathos. How does this film use this element effectively? This
should be your first paragraph.
Is this speech likely to be effective on people who either don’t think about animal
testing or don’t really care about animal testing? Is it likely to persuade this
specific audience? Why or why not? This should be your second paragraph.

Works Cited: Make sure to cite all of your sources, including the film. If you choose
to use outside sources, please cite them, too.

Basic requirements:

1. Refer to the film by title. Use signal phrases, in-text citations, and Works Cited
page citations.

2. Brief, direct quotes are recommended. Longer quotations should be used

3. Make sure to describe scenes and images in your response. Have readers in
mind who have not seen this film.

Due 11/19: Post your introductory paragraph to this discussion board by the end of
the day. Also, post your response to the topic choice explanation. Address both
portions of the prompt above.

Due 11/21: Responses to four classmates’ posts in which you address the following
questions. Please try to respond to classmates who have yet to receive a response.
Each response should be at least 300 words total. Please note that for this

11/18/21, 12:56 PM Topic: “Save Ralph” Analysis and Peer Review 2/2

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discussion board four replies are required. Make sure to focus on how well your
peer analyzed this video/argument.

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