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I need someone good in computer science/Information Technology/programming/AWS

This is an exercise that will allow you to showcase your excellent customer service skills.
TSE’s deal with customers continually, and how you express yourself, and come across in a
written form is very important.

Install one of our agents on your own application and start monitoring it. You can choose
any of our supported languages (Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Python, Node.js, or Infrastructure)
and be as creative as you want.After successfully installing the agent in your application,
please take me through how you would handle a support issue. Imagine a scenario where a
customer is describing how the New Relic agent doesn’t appear to be reporting data when
they deploy their application.

We provide most of our support via email, so you should approach this as a back and forth
dialog with a customer. The rules for this challenge are that there are no rules. It’s
completely up to you to use your imagination and create your own story, but the more
interactive you make it between you and the customer the better. Feel free to use any other
scenario that you think would be interesting to create a customer story.

Please provide both your response to the scenario AND a link to your New Relic account

Note: Setting up a New Relic account is free and you won’t be charged –

Sign up for New Relic | Sign up for New Relic

Infrastructure TSE Candidate Technical Challenge

Sign up for a free New Relic account[1] and install the Infrastructure agent[2] on a host of your
choice to start monitoring it. The Infrastructure agent can be installed on a Windows or Linux
device you have access to, or you can sign up for the AWS free tier[3] and spin up an Amazon
EC2 instance.

Once your instance is running and instrumented, use the data explorer and query builder
(accessible from the “Query your data” link near the top right of most pages) to familiarize
yourself with the data being received from your host, which will reported as attributes within the
events StorageSample, ProcessSample, and several others.

Please answer any two of the following questions:

Question 1: You receive an email from a customer reporting that they have a host with the
Infrastructure agent installed and running, and an application running on the host is performing
poorly. Write a reply providing three attributes found in events generated by the Infrastructure
agent that you would recommend they monitor, and how they can interpret those attributes. (Is a
high value or a low value a sign of trouble? What is the potential impact of that value?)

Question 2: You receive an email from a customer in which they report the name displayed for
the host in New Relic is not correct, or not what they want it to appear as. Review our
documentation on Infrastructure agent configuration settings[4], then write a reply recommending
an option to set in the agent configuration that may address their issue. You may want to try
setting the option on your own host first to observe the impact.

Question 3: A customer calls in stating that they have installed the Agent but are not seeing any
data for their host in New Relic: What are some potential causes of this? What configuration
options[4] might help the customer in this situation?

Question 4: Describe the steps to take and commands to use in order to complete the following
process with only a command line interface (bash, Windows command prompt, or PowerShell):

● Enable verbose logging by adding the following options to the agent configuration:
verbose: 1
log_file: <convenient location of your choice>

● Restart the agent service after saving the configuration changes.
● Search the log for lines containing the text proxy using only the command line (bash,

Windows command prompt, or PowerShell).
● If you intend to keep using the host after this exercise is complete, disable verbose

logging again when finished to prevent excess log accumulation.


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