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Interpersonal Relationship

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Interpersonal Relationship

Question A

1. Self-awareness involves being aware of various aspects of self that include traits, feelings, and behavior. It is a psychological state where one becomes the center of attention. There are different ways that I would improve my self-awareness. This includes understanding my emotional triggers. When I understand my emotional triggers for stress or unwelcome feelings this will help in my self-awareness. Another thing I can do is practice doing things myself. By actively doing what makes me feel good will help improve my self-awareness. This includes setting aside social expectations and tuning in to what I enjoy doing.

2. Some of the strengths that I would capitalize on include creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, patience, and dedication. These are some of the strengths that I would capitalize on by using them often.

3. One of the counter-productive thinking habits that I would like to change and improve is comparing myself with others. Some of the times I feel like I am not doing well as some of the people and this is especially on social media. This is one habit that I would like to improve and I can do this by taking a break and social media. My new thinking will be that I am enough and that is not what I see in social media in real.

4. Some of the behavior that I would change as a result of my new thinking is not taking much time on the social media pages, spending more time with offline friends. I spend a lot of time on social media which triggers my counterproductive thinking habit of comparing myself with others. I will try to reduce the time I spend on social media to avoid comparing myself with others, I will also take more time to spend with my offline friends which has not been possible as I have been spending more time with online friends.

5. Some of the goals that I would set include looking for more offline friends with who I would be spending more time. I would also be taking time for reflection where I would be keeping a gratitude journal. I will be keeping track of great memories and positives in my life and those that I would miss. Looking for more offline friends will improve my interpersonal relationships as it will improve my social interactions with other people.

Question B

1. Problem-solving is the source of new inventions, cultural and social evolution, and the basis for market-based economies. In an organization problem solving is the act of defining a problem, identifying the cause of the problem and prioritizing and selecting alternatives for a solution, and implementing a solution. In an organizational settings problem solving is very important as it exerts control over the organization’s environment (WAYNE STOTTLER, 2021). Problem-solving gives the organization a mechanism for identifying issues and figuring out the causes and determining the course of action to fix them. For an organization to drive results they need problem-solving based on the foundation of scientific technique.

2. When the judgment, a left-brain activity enters the discussion it shuts down the right brain where great ideas are developed. When keeping judgments out of the ideation process the members will be able to participate free of self-consciousness. With this, every person is free of fear (CJ POWERS, 2016). Even if a critique is positive, this will hinder creativity to the members. For instance, when one praises an idea presented by another person, this will affect other members as they might feel like they don’t have good ideas and this might hinder their creativity. Thus, in brainstorming even a positive critique is an issue.

3. The group problem-solving method involves a group of people who interact, influence, and are interdependent on one another with a target and commitment to attaining the common objectives of the company as a whole. Group problem solving might not appeal to everyone as some people might feel uncomfortable while solving issues in a group and others are creative while solving issues on their own. There are other people who might feel discouraged to discuss in a group and to solve issues and this might hinder them from presenting their ideas. Not every person will be interested in solving a problem in a group and this might hinder their creativity.

4. Manager’s behavior highly affects the group’s capability to solve problems. A manager’s behaves will either stimulate or hinder creative problem solving for the employees. When a manager does not communicate their expectations to the team this will affect how the employees will solve specific issues. For instance, when the employee is not provided with all the expectations this makes it hard for them to think critically and they may solve problems in the wrong way. On the other hand, when the managers provide all the expectations to the employees this will stimulate their creativity in solving a problem as they are provided with whatever they need. This makes their work easier and makes them more creative. In simple terms, when the manager’s behaviors are good then this will stimulate the creativity of employees in solving problems and when the behaviors of the managers are bad this will hinder employees’ creativity as they will not b motivated to do their job.


CJ POWERS. (2016, October 5). 5 rules of brainstorming. CJ’s Corner.


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