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APA format is required 

350 words minimum 

Component must be clearly  labeled prior to paragraph 

   1. research component 

   2. critical thinking  component 

reference must be from the textbook 

     Anatomy &Physiology- the unity of form and function (Saladin 9th Edition).

the question is 

         -The hormones that regulate the female reproductive cycle, where they are made, and their roles.

thank you.

i selected one discussion as an example of  the format.


Did you know that growth hormone primarily comes from mostly the anterior pituitary gland? The cell that secretes (GH) is called somatotropic cells. The (GH) will trigger mitosis and we have learned over the past 3 weeks that mitosis will kick the new tissue growth throughout the body in high gear (Saladin, 2020).  What happens if we have a (GH) deficiency? This can cause a lot of health issues for a child including less than average height, delayed puberty, and even can stop your sexual development. This can have profound effects on a person. Some of these negative effects are anxiety, harder to concentrate, depression, and poor memory. In adults you can be of greater risk of heart disease and diabetes. The (GH) deficiency can cause adults to experience bone fractures and breaks easier than an adult without the deficiency due to the lack of mitosis creating new bone growth tissue. Testing for IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) and IGFPB-3 (insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3) are the best ways to diagnosis (GHD). There is treatment for the (GHD) and comes by the way of synthetic growth hormone and has had high success in treating the deficiency. Before the synthetic (GH) was created they use to use cadavers as the source of natural (GH). In some cases, a child will need (GH) shots until they reach puberty in which their body starts to produce the needed (GH). Others may need to get injection the rest of their life.


Critical Thinking

It is very fascinating how it takes a chain of events from different cells and glands for the (GH) to be secreted. Look at Sylvester Stallone, he openly talked about his use of an illegal synthetic growth hormone that has really kept him in very muscular and fit. While this is definitely not a good idea especially since it can cause growths that would take surgery to correct or even a permanent non fixable growth (Jovinelly, 2012).

WC 327



Saladin, K. S. (2020). ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY : the unity of form and function. Mcgraw Hill.

Jovinelly, J. (2012, July 24). Growth Hormone Deficiency. Healthline; Healthline Media.

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