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Help me complete my business analysis report within 3-4 pages.

11/15/21, 7:15 PM Individual Report 1/2

Individual Report

Due Nov 22 by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a file upload
File Types doc, docx, and pdf Available until Dec 13 at 11:59pm

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In a correctly formatted memo report addressed to me, describe your chosen profession’s credentials
and norms in detail, summarize the case you found that had to do with your profession, and report the
long- and short-term impact of this problem on both the profession and the company involved.

Study your proposed profession. Research the customary credentials needed to attain professional
status (ex: degrees, exams, etc). Find the professional organization(s) associated with this field of work.
Examine the laws or governing bodies associated with the profession.

Identify a case in which someone transgressed the norms of the profession and caused a problem within
their company. For example, accounting fraud at Enron. Discuss what important aspects of the
profession were impacted by this case. Were laws or credentialing changed due to the outcome of this

Assessment: This assignment will be evaluated using the CLASS Rubric and graded on a 100-
point scale.


1. Use at least five credible, reputable sources. Blogs and wikis are not appropriate. Keep track of your
sources: cite them in the text and list them in your References. Incorrect attribution will cause a
substantial reduction in your report grade.

2. Use APA 7 edition format. Your BWH is a great resource!
3. The text of the report should be single-spaced, font 11 or 12, 1 inch margins, 3-4 pages long


1. Use correct memo format addressed to me.
2. Use titles for each section.
3. A reference page should be added to the document. Include a References page with at least five

citations in standard APA 7 edition style. They must be as current as possible given the company
you highlight in your report. All sources must be cited correctly in the body of the report.

4. Proofread carefully and SPELLCHECK. Utilize the Writing Center if needed.

submission portal on Canvas. You will not receive credit for the assignment if not formatted correctly.



11/15/21, 7:15 PM Individual Report 2/2

Only acceptably formatted documents will be graded: pdf, doc, docx. All other formats cannot be opened
and will receive an automatic zero.

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