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This week, you read Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” about a dejected salesman who deludes himself and traumatizes his family in his fruitless quest for the “American Dream.” In your essay, you will write a critical response to Miller’s dramatic work by responding to one of the three following essay prompts.


Essay Prompt: Choose one of the following three prompts to respond to: 


· Describe and comment upon Miller’s use of symbolism in “Death of a Salesman”. How does this symbolism emphasize the main ideas and themes in the play? Describe at least three major pieces of symbolism and go into detail as to their meanings and purposes in the play to convey ideas.

· “Death of a Salesman offers a pessimistic view of the citizen’s place in the social world. Do you agree? Regardless of how you answer regarding Willy, what of his sons? Describe the likely futures of Biff and Happy. What do you imagine their lives to look like, and why? 

· Describe how “Death of a Salesman” is an anatomy of an American Dream. How would you describe Willy’s definitions of success? What does Willy Loman’s character have to teach us about ‘false’ dreams and delusions related to success?


Essay Requirements: 


· 1,000 words or roughly four double-spaced pages. 

· Be sure to support your response with textual evidence (quotes and citations) from the play itself. 

· Make use of at least three scholarly sources to support and develop your ideas. Our course text may serve as one of these three sources.

· Your essay should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections.

· Be sure to cite your sources using proper APA format (7th edition). For help with APA, visit the Bethel Library website to explore a plethora of APA-related tutorials, help videos and resources. 

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