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 My part is to do 3 pages out of 11 from the body of the project, this part-

v) Body  Detailed discussion of the topic Business Intelligence Capabilities. 


MISY 4354: Predictive Analytics

Fall 2021

Group Project

1) Deliverables/Instructions

The group leader should upload your project on eCourses.

Name your file as the group leader’s lastname_firstname_project (e.g.


In class, please give me hard copies of your work.

No email attachments please.

2) Project

This is a group project that covers researching a relevant technology topic or issue.

Topic ideas may include, but are not limited to, the following: (You may pick one.)

 Business Intelligence & Competitive Advantage

 Business Intelligence Governance

 Business Intelligence Capabilities

 Big Data

 Data Warehousing

 Business Intelligence and Business strategy

This will require the use of the library online databases (e.g. ProQuest ABI/Inform), the

Internet, etc. The details about the requirements of the paper are listed below.

The project will aid in enhancing your analytical, as well as writing skills.

3) Outline of the Content and Style of the Project

a) Style

i) Length

 12 pages double-spaced

o Not counting title page, table of contents, executive summary, references,

appendices (if applicable), etc.

o Page numbers must show on the page right after your title page

 (For the hard copies: stapled only (no binders or plastic covers please)

 Font type can be any type

o Font size must be 12 point (nothing less than 12 please) for text

 Margins

o Top and bottom: 1 inch


o Right and left: 1 inch

ii) Visual Aides

 Tables, graphs, or other visual aids must enhance your project.

iii) Citation style

 Any style is fine. APA is recommended.

b) Outline of the Content

i) Title page

 Title of the project

 Name of group leader on one line

 Names of group members under the leader’s name

 Professor’s name, course number, and course section (or class meeting time)

 Date

 Semester

ii) Table of Contents

 Length: one page

 Include both the headings and their corresponding page numbers

iii) Executive Summary

 Length: one paragraph, on a separate page

o This is a summary or snapshot overview of the entire paper.

iv) First Page of Content: Introduction

 Start counting the pages of content from here

 Length: one page (or less) on the first page of content; (starts after “Executive


 Short overview of your topic

o Introduce your topic.

o Why did you select this topic?

o What are your learning objectives in researching this topic?

v) Body

 Length: eleven pages

 Detailed discussion of the topic

vi) Conclusion

 One paragraph

 Should be on the last page of the Body section.

 This ends the counting of your pages of content.


vii) References

 You must have at least five and different types of sources of information

(citations) listed in the references section here and cited in your text. These may

be journal articles, books, web sites, etc.

o Different means that all cannot be just web sites.

 Each source must be appropriately cited, showing the name of the author,

journal/book title, publication date, etc. You may use any citation style. (APA is


o Search Google for “Citation Styles” or “APA Style.”

o For example,

Johonson, J. (2015). Ways to understand trade. Business Journal, 37, 120-


o Coleman library styles guides:

 When you cite a source in your text that corresponds to a listed source in your

references section, you must put the ideas in your own words and properly credit

the source. For example,

o Analysts reported a surge of online activity in 2015 (Johnson, 2015).

o Alternatively, you may put the information in quotes with the proper

citation. For example, “The increase in sales was due to market trends”

(Johnson, 2015, p. 2).

viii) Appendices (if applicable)

4) Sources of Information

a) Coleman Library

 Off-campus Access (from home or work)


 Online Databases (Business)


 The following databases give full-text articles in journals and

newspapers, using multiple search criteria (such as keywords, subjects,



 Includes Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

 Click on the “Advanced Search” tab and refine your search

using a specific “Subject,” “Publication Title,” etc.

 Business Source Complete

 Includes scholarly (academic) business journals

 Hoovers

 Industry (and company) information

 Also, available in hard copy in the reference area (see below)

 You may also access for free

 Online Books/E-books


o NetLibrary


 Doing a keyword search on a name of company will generate

a list of books that could be a good start also for your research.

The listed books can be accessed online.

 Reference Books

o In the Reference area but books cannot be checked out

 Books/Catalog Search


b) Company’s Web Site

 Valuable company and industry information may be listed there.

c) Internet

 Doing a keyword search using any search engine

o,,, etc.

o To do a search on a compound noun use quotations: “car stereo” (not car

stereo, otherwise you will get hits that include listings of the non-adjacent

words, car and stereo)

5) Optional: Writing Help

 You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the services of the Center of

Business Communication (CBC) and the Writing Center. They proofread your

document and make suggestions to improve your write-up, among many other

services they provide. The CBC is located on the second floor of the

Agriculture/Business Multipurpose Building Room #200, and the Writing Center is in

Hilliard 123.

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