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Artificial Intelligence
James Silver
April 13, 2020
Lisa Prince
Is Artificial Intelligence helpful or hurtful to the economy?
You are a bit short of the minimum length requirements of 525 words for the draft. Be sure to
work on meeting the final essay word count range. The word count does not include the cover
page or the references.
Artificial Intelligence
[The first line of each paragraph should only be indented one tab or ½ inch] Seven
decades ago, a mathematician named Alan Turing invented the machine called Enigma that
[missing word – was] used to decode a Nazi encryption that helped allied forces to win World
War II. [as the preceding is historical information, you need an in-text citation to give credit to
the source of the information] Alan Turing shorty changed history again for the second time after
he asked himself, “Can Machines Think”? How Alan Turing went on to think if computers can
cognitively think and perform like humans was an endeavor[wording issue.—you would say –
was an endeavor he undertook – or – was a task to accomplish. You wouldn’t use – endeavor
task] task to accomplish. [you need to work on moving away from Turing in particular to AI in
order to transition more into the next sentence. This is especially the case as you are not writing
an essay about whether machines can think but whether they are positive or negative in their
usage. That makes much of the preceding interesting, but off-topic.] After decades of
technological growth and with a consistent development process, A.I. has never been more
advance [word form – advanced] then [word form – than]what it [phrasing – than what it is now]
was before. [you don’t really have a thesis here as this does not take a position on whether AI is
a positive or negative. Since most of your content refers to negative, you need a thesis that does
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) offers machines and computers the chance to simulate
human intelligence, thereby thinking like human beings and mimic their actions. It essentially
means A.I. has enabled devices to perform tasks initially performed by humans (Frank et al.,
2019). Advancements in A.I. have enabled its application in many spheres of the global
economy- manufacturing, engineering, medicine, finance, transport, tourism, construction, and
virtually almost all areas of our economic existence. However, in as much as this application and
incorporation of A.I. has generally made tasks relatively more straightforward and more
convenient, the potential to replace human labor, widening wealth disparity, and security issues
make A.I. more hurtful than beneficial to the global economy.
Loss of jobs
One of the most significant sources of discourse regarding A.I. is its impact on
employment. A.I. enables machines to perform repetitive tasks like packing, sorting, and the like,
which employed a vast portion of the less skilled members of the employment spectrum. They
can perform such tasks more efficiently, prompting many companies in recent times to prefer
using machines for such tasks, leaving many people out of employment prospects (Frank et al.,
2019). It places pressure on members of an increasing employment population to acquire more
specialized skills in an era where skill-acquisition is becoming harder.[could use more
development. ]
Wealth Disparity
This efficiency associated with A.I. and increased utilization of the technology
means there is increased production by such organizations. Companies like Toyota are
manufacturing more vehicles than ever before. Better logistics in this modern era (also assisted
by A.I.) means they can meet demand and supply needs within their supply chain and therefore
maximize profits (Wladawsky-Berger, 2018). This essentially means such corporations record
higher profits, albeit in the wake of unemployment[do you have statistics that show their
employment levels have gone down? Since that is what you are saying about this particular
company, you would need to have proof to go along with it.]. This cause is detrimental because
the likelihood of wealth disparity in the wake of A.I. is higher.
Security Risks
A.I. and subsequent advancements in technology warrant digital storage of
information and performing specific tasks. It has created new avenues for transactions, auditing,
allocation of funds, and many other pertinent aspects of the economy. Theft, fraud, and other
forms of digital crime, coupled with increased risk of data privacy and security, puts many
companies at risk (Surblyte, 2016).[As a reminder, each paragraph needs to be 5 to 8 sentences
in order to be adequately detailed and in-depth. This is especially true of the introduction and
conclusion. For the conclusion, your paragraph must work to wrap up the entirety of the essay
that has come before it as well as come to some sort of final evaluation, recommendation, or
As a reminder, for article titles, they should not be in italics and only the first word and proper
nouns should be capitalized.
Frank, M. R., Autor, D., Bessen, J. E., Brynjolfsson, E., Cebrian, M., Deming, D. J., Feldman,
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understanding the impact of artificial intelligence on labor. Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences, 116(14), 6531–6539.
Surblyte, G. (2016). Data-Driven Economy and Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Competition
Law Issues. SSRN Electronic Journal.
Wladawsky-Berger, I. (2018, November 16). The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the World
Economy. WSJ; Wall Street Journal.

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